The Last Bastion (Publication due September 12th 2013)

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In the end it is our defiance that redeems us

Cold Redemption (Publication due August 8th 2013)

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And each man stands with his face in the light of his own drawn sword. Ready to do what a hero can.

Elizabeth Browning

Gallow the Foxbeard is dead, everyone knows that – until an Aulian alchemist crosses the mountains in the dead of winter, bringing with him the power to lay to rest the dreaded Shadewalkers and a mysterious stranger with an even more mysterious sword.

The Crimson Shield (First Published 7th July 2013)

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Honour has not to be won, it must only not be lost

Years ago, Gallow turned his back on his own people and settled among strangers in a quiet corner of the world, hoping to be forgotten. With the coming of a new invader, he is inexorably forced to choose – where do his loyalties lie.