Cold Redemption came out while I was on holiday so it didn’t get much attention from me. At least two people have read it, according to Goodreads. It’s a bit early for any reviews but there are a couple more for The Crimson Shield.

At the Falcatta Times, they’re not so sure. “All in, it was an OK book but for me, I’m going to wait to see what the others have in store before I pass full judgement though.” Which is a shame, because I know the reviewer is a huge Gemmell fan and I thought I’d done better than that.

I did a guest post for the same site about Grimdark and what I think it is and what I think it isn’t. The gist of it is that I don’t think that Gallow is Grimdark because I have my own idea of what Grimdark means. Other people disagree on both counts.

Fantasy Book Critic “I felt that at times that the fighting swamped the story. Yes it’s all thrilling, epic stuff, but I thought the novel really shone when the focus was on the dialogue and interaction between the many interesting characters. Their observations and world-weary humour made this an enjoyable read for me.” I’m glad they liked the humour. The thing with Gallow and most of the rest of the characters in this, they don’t have inner demons tormenting them (with the possible exception of Medrin). They wear themselves openly. There’s not much to find out about them because they’re up-front about who they are? Does that make them shallow?

(That site has one of my favourite reviews on it. I have a long memory)

I suppose the main thing I have to say is that I don’t think there’s going to be another Gallow story next summer, so for those who like the character and the style of the stories, I’m sorry. Gollancz are holding off on any offer for further stories until they see how these ones do. Given the parlous state of genre publishing at the moment, I’m not holding out much hope. It takes a publisher the best part of a year to process a manuscript from submission to publication (unless they crash it through the system, but that rarely happens) and there won’t be another manuscript until I can see a home for it. Bills to be paid and all that jazz.